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Got a traffic ticket? We can help. Simply upload a copy of your ticket and we will be in touch soon with a free fee quote.

Our goal is to streamline the entire experience, providing a seamless solution for those seeking a fast and efficient way to address their traffic citations. Simply submit the necessary information, and let us handle the rest. Fast, easy, and stress-free – because dealing with traffic violations should be as straightforward as the road ahead.

    Traffic Ticket FAQ

    Will I get points on my license if I just plead guilty and just pay the fine?

    Any ticket that alleges you committed a “moving violation” such as “speeding,” “careless and imprudent driving,” “following too closely,” etc., could result in points being assessed against your license and that can cause severe consequences like increased insurance premiums all the way up to your driving privilege being suspended by the State. You should consult with an attorney before pleading guilty to any traffic charge.

    Why should I hire an attorney to handle a simple speeding ticket?

    Many times an attorney can negotiate a result that will prevent any points being assessed against your license (which can potentially save you thousands of dollars in increased insurance premiums) and even possibly avoid a conviction on your record. Also, an attorney can examine your case and determine if you have a defense that a lay person would not realize. Furthermore, in most cases, an attorney can appear in court on your behalf without you needing to take off work to appear yourself. In some cases, an attorney can resolve your case via mail without any court appearances being necessary.

    How much do you charge to represent someone in a traffic case?

    That depends on what the charge is, where the case is, and other factors. Typically, my fees for speeding tickets range from $200 to $500 depending on these factors, but there are exceptions. I am happy to discuss your traffic ticket with you at no cost or obligation and quote you a fee.

    I have a Commercial Drivers License (CDL), does that matter when resolving a traffic ticket?

    Absolutely! Convictions for traffic violations and/or points on your license can result in revocation of your CDL and can cause your insurer to drop you from their policy. In some cases, if you are driving for a transportation company, the company’s insurer can refuse to cover you and you could lose your job. You should always consult with an attorney if you have a CDL and have received any kind of traffic citation.

    I'm very busy. Can I just email you a picture of my ticket and request a quote for your fee via email?

    Absolutely. You can upload a clear picture of the ticket using the form on my website and also include your contact information. I can then email you a quote within 24 hours or less. There is no fee or obligation for this.